A Family Trip To Brancaster Beach, Norfolk Family Beach Photography

I've followed and photographed Bobbie and her beautiful family through so many amazing times in their lives - through the preparations and after the birth of her baby girl, celebrating milestones and each year as a family together. This year we decided to go to the beach for some fun in the sea, playing in the sand and generally having an amazing time together on a sunny Sunday morning this spring. I'll never forget this particular session - having arrived at Brancaster I was told that the beach road was flooded and cars were not able to get to the car park - disaster! But, as I thought about what to do I remembered how light I like to travel so parked up in the village, grabbed my cameras and strap and set off on foot! I'm so thankful it was warm and sunny as I waded through the water, cameras held high above my head! Love these adventures!