Why Your Home Is The Perfect Place For Your Family Photos

So many people I chat to about family photos and the work I do tell me a similar thing: "Your client's homes are amazing! Mine is so cluttered/boring/dark! I could never have our portraits taken there." I want to promise you this - all the photos you see that have been taken either in my home or in my clients' are real! We have toys out. The washing up is still in the sink.

And what do we do during these in home sessions? We do craft, we bounce on the bed, we read through the whole bookcase and whizz cars up and down the sofa, maybe make a den. We have fun! And do you notice the plates on the side? The washing machine running in the background? No, you don't. You see the family together, making memories.

Sometimes I think we can't see past the toys, laundry, washing up. We forget the family photos on the wall, the ornaments that were Granny's or the kids' drawings and scribbles of love on the fridge. We are so conditioned to thinking about the next thing on the list that needs doing. I'm probably the worst at this too - I get too caught up in the monotony and schedules of life that I can't see past the mess. We end up missing the magic all around us. And the perfection in our chaos.

The beauty is all around you. Those things that you don't see anymore are things that I see. That's why I love coming to your home - I see your story everywhere and it becomes an important part of your photos.

And this is why you ask me to take your photos. I see the moments between you and the special glances between mum and dad. The way big brother kisses his new sister's tiny hands when no one is looking. I see and capture the beauty of these real moments. Everyone is relaxed and happy in their own space. And the clutter of daily life melts away - you don't see it anymore. You are the focus.

This is your world, all of yours, right now in this moment. And I promise you in ten years time you'll want and need these memories. And you'll see the magic. 

Your life is not boring, your home is not uninteresting.

It's yours. And that makes it the most perfect place in the world.