So you just got engaged! What next?! Jenny From Hunters Hall, Norfolk shares her tips for getting your wedding plans well underway

So…you’ve got engaged in the most beautiful way…you’re super excited about the big day and choosing that perfect dress. But it can feel pretty overwhelming. Where do you even begin?! 

Enter the wonderful Jenny from Hunters Hall, a stunning all inclusive barn wedding venue in Norfolk, to share her awesome tips with you on where to start to avoid the confusion!

Congratulations on your engagement and welcome to the world of weddings! 

The first thing you need to book is your wedding venue and ceremony.  Consider various venues – barns, hotels, boho and rustic, do-it-yourself, let-the-venue-do-it-for-you, stately homes etc.  We are blessed with so many beautiful wedding venues in our region, so enjoy exploring a range of them and deciding on your style!

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At your wedding venue show round, be armed with the basics about your day – a wedding month and year, approximate number of day and evening guests, and specific requirements important to the both of you i.e.  the option for an outside ceremony, specific menu ideas, fireworks, disabled access etc.  You need to find the venue which is perfect for the both of you to celebrate your wonderful day.  

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Once you have found your perfect venue, book anything which there’s only one of, for instance photographer, videographer, DJ or band.   A florist, cake maker or venue decorator can take multiple wedding bookings for the same day so you have more time to book these, but a photographer, for instance, can only be at one wedding a day.  And great suppliers get booked up in advance! 

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Go to wedding shows, both large and small.  In Norfolk, the EDP run several large shows in the spring and autumn each year, and although fantastic, these are often dominated by the large wedding companies due to their high stand prices.  The smaller, intimate wedding fairs at village halls, churches and other wedding venues will attract the smaller, independent companies and individuals who are just as fantastic as the larger ones.  Consider all your options and enjoy browsing at all types of wedding fair.

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Make your wedding venue your own – the table names could be places you’ve both visited, your first dance might be from the year you met, or your flowers might remind you of family members.  Have fun with the decorations and your venue!  

Occasionally things out of your control mean that you deviate from the plan on the day – the weather turns, a guest cancels at the last minute, the timings overrun – but it doesn’t matter. What matters is saying your vows to each other and becoming married. 

Have a wonderful day in your perfect venue x 

Written by Jenny Stevenson at Hunters Hall, a beautiful barn wedding venue near Dereham. We are an inclusive wedding venue meaning that we set up the venue for you, provide you with the tables, linen, glassware etc and allow you to simply add your own decorations and personal items ie cake, name cards, table plan, colours and flowers. We only have 1 wedding each day meaning that the entire venue and our 11 bedrooms are for you and your wedding guests only. For more information on our barn venue, please view our website:

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