Motherhood Sessions

Being a mum has made me. It has been the hardest, most emotional journey. If I had to describe fierce love - this is it. No questions. 

Motherhood is tough. It's a rollercoaster; it's rewarding; it's gruelling; there's nothing like it. But we as mothers thrive on it. Why? Because the love our children give us and the love we give them back is unconditional. They don't care whether we're carrying a few extra pounds, in their eyes we are forever beautiful. They don't care if we've kept the house clean or if we've been grumpy - they forgive us...instantly. They'll always kiss us goodnight and greet us in the morning with cuddles and smiles, even if they've kept us awake through the small hours. They are the sunshine in our days and the sweet cuddles through our nights.

I wish I was in more photos with my three. Don't you find as Mums we're often the ones holding the camera? Capturing the memories, creating the legacy? Let's change that now - let's be present in these memories.

Meet me. Let me take that job - all you need to do is cuddle your little ones, play peek-a-boo, laugh, dance and be free.

This will be the best investment you've ever made.

One hour session including all final digital images