Camera Skills For Beginners Workshop - November 2019, 9am-12pm Date TBC

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ely family photographer-8.jpg

Camera Skills For Beginners Workshop - November 2019, 9am-12pm Date TBC


An in depth beginner photography class for all those wishing to get to know their camera better.

This class will take place at Little Downham Community Rooms, Main Street, Little Downham, Ely, Cambridgeshire

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Camera Skills For Beginners

Do you have a lovely DSLR camera but have no idea where to start? Or perhaps you'd like to take great photos of your children, your local landscape or family and friends? Then these workshops are perfect for you!

I take endless photos of my children. Their little world, their progress, their emotions, relationships, smiles, tears, fun. They are my heart and soul and I never want to forget a moment. I truly believe that photos are a legacy - something to give others and for me to reminisce over a time that is passing all too quickly.

I will guide you through exposure and setting up your camera for best results. I’ll break it all down into easy to manage sections and answer all your questions. You’ll come away feeling excited and confident in using your camera.

I cannot wait to meet and begin this learning journey with you!

This Class covers:

  • Getting to know your camera

  • Exposure

  • Aperture

  • Shutter speed

  • Depth of field - how to get that beautiful blurry background

  • Lenses and focal lengths

  • Getting your shots in focus

  • Basic lighting techniques

  • Basic composition techniques

All class information will be given to you in a workbook to take home and refer back to so no need to make tonnes of notes! Each workshop will last approximately three hours with time for questions and assistance in any particularly tricky areas.

After the workshop you’ll continue to receive assistance from me through a private Facebook group, where I’ll offer helpful tips and tricks and feedback on your images if needed.